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Star Sprinkler Systems Offers Professional Sprinkler Start Up Services

What is a sprinkler start up and when should I do It?

All sprinkler systems should be started up by a professional service technician. During the course of the winter months, the sprinkler heads will go out of alignment due to inclimate weather, snow and ice. The sprinkler heads should all be realigned and adjusted so that your system is “tuned up” to the specific need of your landscaping and/or landscaper.

What a Star Sprinkler professional technician will do at the appointed time of your start-up is:

Turn on the water, go through the entire system making sure that all the heads are working properly, and make any adjustments and/or repairs that are necessary. They will also check your rain sensor and program your controller to your specific needs and or township regulated calendar days.

Yes, I would like to set up an appointment to have my sprinkler system turned on for the spring.

I would like to make an appointment to winterize my sprinkler system.
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